Saturday Solar Sales Program

Dear Concerned Citizen:

You are invited to join our efforts to introduce renewable energy to homeowners and to learn the art of selling. This new marketing program is being introduced because we want to include everyone that wants to be part of the environmental solution, not just seasoned commission only sales people.

Unlike activism and volunteer opportunities, your success (at the end of a long process) will be rewarded financially and you will be part of a very tangible solution. We are located in Brooklyn, so those outside of New York City should contact us separately for guidance.

Here’s Our Plan:

  • Saturday morning breakfast provided with updates and pitch practice. (9am)
  • Utilize the rest of day to conduct outreach (attend festivals, knocking doors, etc) to get homeowners excited about renewable energy. Set appointment time with the homeowner for the full time rep to go over the details. Call us to debrief at the end of the day. (until 8or9pm including lunch and snack break)
  • If you want to learn more about the sales process, or transition to full time, you are welcome to observe the appointment and help maintain rapport with the customer. (usually weeknights)
  • Activity nights (karaoke, bowling, events, etc.) if group goals are exceeded.
  • Once the customer case is successfully completed (installed, inspected and processed) you will receive compensation for generating the lead. Expect this to take five to six months, however, that timeline cannot be assured due to installation complications. Full time sales reps hired directly by the installer can expect faster compensation.

Sign Up, Click Here!

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